Solar Project Price Improvement: Your project is worth more!

Your solar project is worth more than you think.  Early-stage project development, pricing and financial structuring will drive solar project price improvement, increase your profits and help you offer more competitive PPA pricing… and the key first steps are free.

Helio MicroUtility drives solar project price improvement for clients

This year Helio MicroUtility has helped three commercial and government clients improve their solar project prices and profits by $.444/Wdc on average.  That’s pure incremental “development fee” profit above and beyond EPC revenues.

In 2015 Helio MicroUtility improved its clients' solar project prices by $.44/W.
In 2015 Helio MicroUtility improved its clients’ solar project prices by $.44/W.


Helio MicroUtility has successfully developed, priced and financed hundreds of PPAs for businesses, governments, non-profits and utilities.  We support independent solar developers and EPCs with free, transparent, no-obligation pricing and structured finance consultations. Helio MicroUtility complements your limited resources so you can focus on your strengths: our team of experienced engineers, financiers, project managers and administrators can support you with origination and development services including off-taker pricing and negotiations, site evaluation, environmental and site lease negotiations, permitting and interconnection.  We can support you with EPC services, project financing and placement, project management, operations & maintenance and asset management.  All of our services are offered on an ad-hoc, as-needed basis, and for qualified projects we’ll work on a success fee basis.

The initial steps for solar project price improvement are simple and free!  We’ll demonstrate our value-add by providing a free consultation to help you with offtaker pricing, early stage development counsel, and financing strategies.  Contact us today to schedule a free solar project price improvement consultation at the 2015 Solar Power International in Anaheim, the Renewable Energy Finance Forum-West in San Francisco or by phone at your convenience.  Learn more here.

Georgia Solar PPA

Georgia Solar PPAs are now viable, thanks to the recently passed Solar Power Free-Market Financing Act (House Bill 57).  Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are the most common vehicle for financing commercial solar installations. Solar PPA legalization in Georgia will make it much easier for solar project developers and EPCs to generate new business. GEORGIA SOLAR PPA... Finish Reading

What Does A Kilowatt Hour Mean?

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How do I keep my solar system running well?

  In my last post, I answered a question I often hear from solar system owners – “Is my solar system working?” In this post, I’d like to discuss ways to keep your investment reliably delivering those valuable financial and environmental benefits. Specifically: “How do I keep my solar system running well?” The best wayFinish Reading

For Whom Does Solar Leasing Make Sense?

In my last article, I may have seemed unwaveringly against solar leasing and ppa’s, but nothing could be further from the truth. Like other financing tools solar leasing has its place in the home improvement industry along with ‘same as cash’ financing, HELOCs (home equity lines of credit), and collateralized seconds. My contention is that solarFinish Reading

What Solar Companies Don’t Tell You

Solar leasing has become a popular option for consumers over the last several years with tens of thousands of homeowners responding to ‘$0 down solar’ and ‘free installation’ offers. What’s not to like? It’s free and it saves you money, but have you ever wondered what solar companies don’t tell you? Solar leasing sales pitchesFinish Reading

Reading between the lines of California’s Utility Tier Realignment

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Solar Developer Project Pricing

Solar Project Developers and EPCs take note: 2015 is a great year to sell your solar projects, and Helio Micro Utility can maximize your solar developer project pricing.  Helio mU is the developer’s partner in marketing solar projects to the investor community, providing tailored development and placement services to ensure the most fitting project investors compete for your projects. Finish Reading

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