Round Trip Energy Cost with PredictEnergy™

Round Trip Energy Costs with PredictEnergy™    Are you planning an energy efficiency or facility improvement project in an effort to reduce your electric bill? If so, how will you know if the project turns out to be successful? What will you measure before and after project implementation to accurately represent the value of the project and calculate the internal…

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Your Partner for Energy Cost Reduction needs

HelioPower as your Partner for Energy Cost Reduction I recently filmed a short video for Renovate America and it’s HERO program.  You can view the video here:   What you don’t get to see is how the video was made.  In essence, they would ask me a question and film my response.  They then…

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Re-Comissioning Protects our Clients from Energy Losses

Re-Comissioning Protects our Clients from Energy Losses Solar electric facilities make great investments, but only if properly maintained for performance and safety. Annual re-commissioning (PV-RCx) of photovoltaic solar assets is fundamental to high performance commercial solar systems. Our team of engineers and technicians specialize in re-commissioning systems that have been poorly maintained or are under…

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Solar Project Acquisition

Solar Project Acquisition for Developers and Investors Helio Micro Utility has 6MW of large C&I projects ready for NTP sale to qualified investors, and more in the pipeline.  Our solar project acquisition services benefit developers, EPCs and investors.   HELIO MU’S SUCCESSFUL SOLAR PROJECT ACQUISITION TRACK RECORD With plenty of similar projects developed and sold to investors…

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Replacing Foreign Oil with Domestic Solar

Replacing Foreign Oil with Domestic Solar   I believe that most people want to ‘do the right thing’ for the environment, their community, and feel that if they can save money in the process, it’s a bonus. For decades, we have been told that the right thing to do for our country is to reduce…

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Stopping PV Installations

How to Stop a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation by: Jonah Liebes For this week, Jonah Liebes writes about certain people’s attempts at stopping PV installations. ATTENTION: This is not a test. This is an actual emergency. There are people in this world who want to stop PV installations and are using false claims of health damage…

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An Integrated Energy Services Company

An Integrated Energy Services Company By: Jonah Liebes   As part of a rapidly expanding solar energy industry, HelioPower has been on the forefront of technology integration and product development. Over the years, manufacturers such as Sharp Electronics, Enphase, KACO New Energy, Solar Edge, Canadian Solar and Hyundai Heavy Industries have relied on HelioPower’s team of…

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Vision and Mission at HelioPower

Vision and Mission of HelioPower By Mo Rousso Mo Rousso depicts HelioPower’s Vision and Mission in the next installment of his Energy Talking Points.       As some of you know, I recently retook the helm of HelioPower as its President.  I had stepped away for a while to pursue some other areas of…

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History of HelioPower – My 15 Year Journey

The History of HelioPower – The Beginning By Mo Rousso, Founder, HelioPower Mo Rousso, Founder of HelioPower, reflects upon the history of HelioPower and his 15 year journey with the company.   Fifteen years ago this month, the idea of HelioPower was born. I had just come off of one of the worst years in tech,…

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Competitive Advantage

Energy Cost Reduction as a Competitive Advantage Last time Mo Rousso writes about the concept of eCOGS, or energy cost of goods sold.  By moving your energy costs above the line, he writes, you have much more visibility and control over that cost. For Today’s topic, he writes about energy cost reduction as a competitive…

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I Hate Solar!

Top 7 Reasons I Hate Solar! After working at HelioPower for the past 13 years, I’ve come to realize…I hate solar.  I’ve heard a lot about how great solar energy is for consumers, the economy and the planet. Blah, Blah, Blah. Solar is awesome, saving money is good, pollution is bad- it’s like a mantra around here…

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Solar O and M Tech

What is Solar Asset Management (and Why Do I Need It)?

Solar Operations and Maintenance (O&M) vs Asset Management – Background Many system owners are confused about the differences between Operations and Maintenance ( or Solar O&M) and Solar Asset Management (Solar AM). While there is still debate in the industry about what’s O&M and what’s AM, there are some clear distinctions. O&M is the list of site specific,…

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Solar Financing Guide

Going Solar is easy, paying for it is hard. So, Helio mU has crafted a Solar Financing Guide to narrow your options. Please click here to see the complete guide. The Decision to Go Solar is Easy... Click to see the full Solar Financing Guide Making the decision to go solar is relatively easy.  It usually it…Read More
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