Solar Developer Project Pricing

Solar Project Developers and EPCs take note: 2015 is a great year to sell your solar projects, and Helio Micro Utility can maximize your solar developer project pricing.  Helio mU is the developer’s partner in marketing solar projects to the investor community, providing tailored development and placement services to ensure the most fitting project investors compete for your projects. Finish Reading

Is My Solar System Working?'ve made the decision and committed your money to going solar. Congratulations on making a great choice and taking control of how you get your electricity. Now comes the important part - "Is my solar system working?" A broken solar electric system is a new and definitely not improved way to waste energy. The good news is... Finish Reading

Increase Solar Generation with SolarEdge

Have an Old Solar Inverter? Increase Solar Generation by upgrading to SolarEdge! If you’re like me, you probably installed your solar system back during a time when it wasn’t so hip to go solar. As a result, you likely have an old style ‘string’ inverter. What does this mean? Remember those old style Christmas lightsFinish Reading

Buying out a Solar PPA

By Nick Weber Many current Solar PPA customers (those buying the electricity) are trying to determine two things: When to evaluate a buyout of their Solar PPA, and How to evaluate a buyout their Solar PPA? “When” is relatively simple, as many Solar PPA’s have similar buyout years and provisions.   The “How” is more complicated,Finish Reading

HelioPower, Inc. Job Fair & Hiring Event

  Thursday July 24th, 2014 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM 25747 Jefferson Avenue, Murrieta, CA 92562 For More Information Please Visit Our Careers Page Photovoltaic Installer Description: Responsibilities: Qualifications: HelioPower Inc. is currently looking for PV Installers for Southern California and Northern California Operations. The PV Installer will be responsible for assisting photovoltaic system installationFinish Reading

Vanilla Solar is the Order of the Day

Typical solar power installation Vanilla Solar just too plain? Ok, let's face it, who doesn't like vanilla? It's a wonderful base for all kinds of delicious treats. I use vanilla almond milk in my morning smoothie. For many, vanilla ice cream is the perfect complement to a slice of hot apple pie, and if you're a... Finish Reading

Solar Freaking Roadway! – Are They Real?

Everyone has seen this snazzy video waxing eloquent about this awesome new technology that would allow us to convert all of our roads into solar farms and produce 3x the energy we would ever need. It's sounds awesome, and if it were a reality, it would be awesome. It's not a reality, here's why: Every... Finish Reading
Net Metering Batteries with Solar is OK in California

Net Metering Batteries with Solar is OK in California

  Today the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) issued a Proposed Decision which clears the path for economically using battery backup in conjunction with solar and other forms of renewable energy generation.  This is good news for existing and prospective solar customers, and great news if you have uneven power usage or high demand charges. Finish Reading

California Energy Policy – A Window of Opportunity

California Energy Policy – A Window of Opportunity

California energy policy has never been more clear, favorable or stable.  Three policies in particular combine to create an attractive but short window of opportunity for Californian’s considering solar or other renewable energy projects.  Let’s consider Net Metering, Meter Aggregation and the Investment Tax Credit in turn. Net Metering Today the California PUC issued aFinish Reading

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