PredictEnergy™ Analytics Software

What Is PredictEnergy Analytics Software?

PredictEnergy™ is an energy analytics software platform that allows you to synthesize:

  • How much energy and power your business uses, and when and where it’s used.
  • What your business makes, moves or stores; where it performs this work, when it performs this work, and how this work changes and scales.
  • What your business pays, and how it procures, energy and power.

Complex energy environments working off complicated tariff rate structures require a sophisticated approach to determine what improvement measure to work on next to make the biggest impact, and how much time, effort and money to spend on that measure. PredictEnergy™ energy analytics software is designed to provide answers and allows you to:

  • Manage energy demand costs aligned with what your company makes, moves or stores.
  • Enable cost audits and assessments to drive down process costs based on your tariff.
  • Optimize your distributed generation and energy cost-down programs
  • Manage energy costs against unit production or other key performance indicators (KPIs)

Energy analytics software like PredictEnergyTM is an indispensable decision support tool to bring down energy costs in complex energy environments.

Because PredictEnergy™ is a cloud-based energy analytics software platform that integrates real-time energy data with facility production metrics and your utility tariff it can help reduce energy costs by giving you insight into what you should do next to combat your energy cost of production issues.

Predictive Analysis Features To Reduce Your Energy Costs

Cloud Based

24/7 access to energy data from any device. Securely backup energy information to the cloud.


PredictEnergy is connected using standard bank-level security so your energy data is protected and private.

Prediction Engine

Hosted on the backend, the prediction analytics draw from the combination of your energy data, your facility unit production data, and your utility’s latest tariff pricing.

Data Acquisition

Energy meters installed around the facility capture energy data which is wirelessly sent to our server.

Energy Analytics View

The online dashboard reports energy metrics in terms of kWh/unit output and energy $$/unit output. Reports can cover one facility, multiple facilities, or company wide data.

Custom Reports

Key performance indicators, based on instrumented or derived metrics, detailing energy and power data by business, division, plant-level and more – all in the context of your tariff.

PredictEnergy™ Tour

PredictEnergy Tour    

Run “What If” Scenarios On Your Energy Bill.

PredictEnergy allows Operations Managers to predict energy cost changes by tariff schedule, equipment, process, technology deployment and more. Use PredictEnergy™ to answer “what-if” optimization questions like:

What if we moved production to another facility?

How much less would it cost to produce each SKU?

What's the energy cost to scale up production?

Could we avoid large demand charges?

What if we staggered our power-up times?

Would we avoid those expensive peak demand charges?

What if we changed to a different utility rate?

Would solar or some other distributed generation bring down our bill?

Are Your Energy Production Costs Too High?

Do You Know What To Do Next?

Our Facility Can't Meet It's Energy Goals.

Energy Pain Explained

With energy costs too high, our company has performed all of the classic energy reduction projects gaining us 5-7% annualized drop in energy consumption.  However we have not been able to achieve these same reductions year after year.  We’re unsure of the next step to reduce our energy use.

Energy Solution

First, focus on reducing energy cost vs. energy use.  To understand your energy issues, HelioPower will determine your facility energy performance profile and evaluate energy reduction technologies and the best program solution to meet your energy reduction and payback goals in alignment with your budget.

Action Steps

Multiple Facilities Can't Meet Energy Goals.

Energy Pain Explained

Our company has multiple facilities and few or none of the facilities can meet their specific energy cost targets.

Energy Solution

With energy costs too high across multiple facilities, it’s best to focus on an Enterprise energy cost reduction goal and isolate the different tariffs, climatic conditions and production variations to determine the principal energy cost drivers in the business. With that input, HelioPower will provide you an energy cost reduction roadmap to reduce your enterprise energy costs and meet your payback goals for your specific budget.

Action Steps

We Completed An Energy Project… How Do We Tell If We Met Our Goal?

Energy Pain Explained

How do we know if the energy reduction projects and facility improvement measures we’ve completed met the energy goals.

Energy Solution

HelioPower provides round-trip analysis using measurement and verification (M&V) standards to ensure that energy reduction goals were met and are sustained.

Action Steps

Our Demand Charges Are Too High

Energy Pain Explained

With energy costs too high, we started looking at our energy load profile.  Our company operates during normal business hours, and has a very large load demand during peak energy periods. Consequently my demand charges are a large portion of my electrical bill. How do I reduce the demand charges?

Energy Solution

HelioPower will develop and energy performance profile and technology cost and payback analysis specifically to determine best load management solutions.

Action Steps

We Can't Participate In Demand Response Programs.

Energy Pain Explained

With energy costs too high, we started to look at options like demand-response.  How can our company participate in a demand response program if we’re limited to what loads we can shut down?

Energy Solution

HelioPower will conduct an energy performance profile evaluation against process operations to determine best demand management program within the facilities operational restraints.

Action Steps

We Don't Know Which Energy Saving Technologies To Deploy.

Energy Pain Explained

With energy costs too high, our company began looking for solutions and now we are routinely approached by vendors introducing a wide variety of products and technologies to help reduce energy. Which technologies should I consider?

Energy Solution

The best technology for one facility may not be the best for another, it’s very much facility dependent. HelioPower will evaluate your facility’s energy performance profile against selected technology solutions’ to determine cost, payback and best solution within budget constraints.

Action Steps

Our Energy Load Has Lots Of Peaks.

Energy Pain Explained

Our company has dynamic loads where we encounter multiple peak demands throughout the day. These peak demands give us disproportionately high demand charges based on our energy use.

Energy Solutions

HelioPower will evaluate your facility’s energy performance profile against technologies that specifically address load management, peak shaving and energy storage. Then, provide you with an energy solution to meet your energy reduction and payback goals in alignment with your budget..

Action Steps

We Are Unable To Evaluate Our Energy Usage.

Energy Pain Explained

With energy costs too high, our company started using the utility’s customer information management system to download and evaluate our energy use. The data is not current and we’re uncertain if our evaluation is correct.

Energy Solution

HelioPower’s’ PredictEnergy™ cloud-based energy analytics software platform creates an energy analytics model, or what HelioPower calls an energy cube. The energy cube is a multi-dimensional view of a facility’s energy performance profile and provides a powerful view into energy cost drivers. Some of our clients that use Predictnergy™ include water districts, factories, and large distribution centers.

Action Steps

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