Massachusetts Institute of Technology President, Susan Hockfield, was featured in today’s Boston Globe in an article entitled “MIT’s burgeoning role in the green movement.” Dr. Hockfield, a noted neuroscientist, whose research has focused on the development of the brain, is the first life scientist to lead MIT. Her review of the potent call of clean energy and the environment was inspiring.

The intertwined crises of energy and environment form the defining challenge of this generation. As a nation, we need to see this challenge not through the dreary, gray lens of impending diminishment and compromise, but, rather, illuminated by the powerful beacon of American ingenuity. If we unleash the same engine of innovation that powered the computer and biotech revolutions, energy and its environmental consequences could become a driving force for economic growth and a unifying national inspiration – an Apollo project for our time.

We need to help more young people see these problems as theirs, and to feel in these great challenges the kind of inspiration my generation experienced in the race to the moon – the kind of inspiration that made science and engineering feel exciting and important, that made us believe that the sky was no longer the limit; the kind of inspiration that will spur young people today to reach for the sun.

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