Riverside, Calif. – A new 14.6 kilowatt solar system activated this week in the City of Riverside will be the first non-residential solar system to take advantage of a recently approved solar rebate program for Riverside Public Utilities’ business customers.

The system was installed on the roof of Monster Media Inc., a digital imaging technology and services company, by HelioPower of Murrieta, CA. The roof-mounted installation is made up of 96 Mitsubishi 185 watt solar photovoltaic modules and two SMA 7000 inverters. On an average month the system will produce 2,500 kilowatt hours of electricity and offset 2 tons of greenhouse gasses (the equivalent of taking 5 cars off the road).

While this system is not the first business solar project in the City, it will be the first to be able to benefit from Riverside Public Utilities’ new Non-Residential Solar Rebate Program. Under the program, businesses can receive $3.00 per watt installed, up to fifty percent of the project’s total cost. Depending on customer type and usage, rebates can be as high as $500,000. Monster Media’s rebate will be more than $44,000.

“A lot of people talk about doing things to make a difference and be environmentally conscious,” said Monster Media Inc. owner Derric Swinfard (pictured above with his roof mounted photovoltaic system), “but they don’t take the next step to actually do something about it.”

“It’s important that we back up our ideas with actual efforts.” For Swinfard, that environmental stewardship extends beyond his business to his home where he also has installed a solar system.

“This project marks an important step for the Utilities' rebate program,” said Riverside Public Utilities General Manager David H. Wright. “It sets an example for Riverside businesses to follow as we encourage them to do their parts to become environmental stewards of our community and state.”

"It was our pleasure to work again with Derric," said HelioPower's VP of Sales, Steve LoRusso. "Derric and his wife are very environmentally pro-active. We installed their residential system as well." He added, "The Monster Media system will include a monitoring system to insure system performance 24/7, 365 days a year. Derric will be able to access this information online, with data showing power generated and CO2 averted."