Today is the National Day of Action on Clean Energy. In an effort to get American citizens to push the stalemate on Capitol Hill to an extension on clean energy tax incentives, over 100 advocacy groups have banded together to make a difference.

From our friends at Vote Solar: "At a time when we should be throwing everything we have into clean energy, Congress is at a stalemate. The House and Senate have each passed versions of a bill to extend clean energy tax credits that the other side finds distasteful. And now here we are, with renewable energy projects being put on hold, jobs being lost, and investment dollars moving overseas.

There's a compromise bill getting ready to move, and the only thing that is going to break the deadlock is public pressure. Congress needs to feel that this is acutely important to their constituents, and to that end, we helped organize a National Day of Action on Clean Energy. Today, over 100 organizations and companies are planning to raise as much ruckus as possible. Will you add your voice?"

From Renewable Energy World: "Congress has been trying unsuccessfully for a year to extend tax credits for individuals, businesses and developers who invest in clean power. When the credits expire at the end of this year it’s estimated that more than 100,000 jobs and close to US $20 billion in investment will disappear."

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