From Steve LoRusso, Vice President of Sales at HelioPower and a “green energy” veteran who has dedicated many years of his professional life to the solar power industry:

"In an era of corporate downsizing, countless jobs are being lost. If the Solar Investment Tax Credit that is due to expire at year end is not extended, as many as 116,000 jobs in the green energy industry will also be lost, along with up to $19 billion in lost investment. On the other hand, millions of new jobs could be created in the manufacture and installation of American Energy Independence. The labor-intensive nature of renewable energy technologies could create countless new jobs. Solar, wind, wave, ocean, thermal, aquaculture, geothermal, hydroelectric and biomass are among the many new energy technologies we need to develop.

Energy helps determine the wealth of a nation today, in the form of petroleum resources, exploitation of human resources and the technology to produce and deliver this energy at a profit. There is little we can do in our modern world that doesn't consume energy in one form or another. As a nation we have come to realize that the foreign oil on which we depend comes at too great a price. Domestic oil reserves are only a short-term solution and the long-term cost of nuclear energy safely can't be avoided. We need new energy sources now. To become energy independent would diffuse the concentration of wealth and power in the Middle East, correcting an imbalance of power in our global economy.

American ingenuity has always risen to the occasion. Our resourcefulness will be our saving grace. The combination of America's industrial capability, our intellectual horsepower and our abundant human resource pool can create limitless power. But we need the support of our government to continue to subsidize this vital industry. We need your help to convince your Senators and Congressman to stop politicizing this issue and extend the Renewable Energy Investment Tax Credit. Please help us to convince the Senate that the time to act is now. "

In a very few minutes you can use the Solar Nation website to add your voice to the chorus working to create energy independence for America.

Check to see how your local House representatives voted on H.R. 6049, Energy and Tax Extenders Act of 2008, at

Statement by Rhone Resch on House Passage of H.R. 6049 and upcoming Senate vote:

"For the Senate, the choice is now clear: they can either protect tax loopholes for privileged investment managers, or create tens of thousands of green-collar jobs in a troubled economy. Most Senators will find it very hard to turn their back on workers in their home state... Allowing the solar tax credit to expire is an enormous tax increase that will cost thousands of American jobs and billions in economic investment. Now is the time to act and secure our energy future."

Letter from Governor Schwarzenegger to Congressional Leadership,May 13, 2008:

"As Congress moves forward on legislation to extend tax credits, I must highlight three critical concerns for California. The extension of federal credits related to incentives for research and development, renewable energy and energy efficiency and a continuation of the 'patch' for the alternative minimum tax are hugely important to the health of the California economy."