Word on the street is that the Senate could vote as early as today on the critically needed Federal Tax Incentives for the "green" energy sector.

Industry organizations have been rallying to insure constituents contact representatives to insure this industry saving legislature is put in place.

From Solar Nation yesterday afternoon:


More Than One Way to Skin a Cat
Republican senators may hold the keys to our solar future!

Now that both parties in Congress have allowed political wrangling of the pettiest kind to kill the climate change bill for this year, we might hope a sense of shame would drive them to pass that other bill that's been killed and resurrected many times already this year - the clean energy tax credit extension package.


For even as the torn-up pieces of the former bill were fluttering to the floor last week, Senate Majority Leader Reid filed a motion to restart debate on the tax credits bill(HR6049).What's different this time around? Well, this time the Senate really is 'open for business'. Senate Finance Committee chairman Baucus is canvassing Republican senators to find out their price: what they want to see in the bill in return for their support at roll-call time.

From VoteSolar.org Monday as well:

We are nearing the finish line, seriously this time. Our Senators will be voting early this week on H.R. 6049, which includes an eight year extension of the commercial solar ITC, and a six year extension of the residential ITC. This is likely our last chance this year for a long-term extension of this crucial tax credit.We know that many of you contacted your Senators just a few weeks ago during the "National Day of Action," but it is critical that they hear from you again right before the vote.