Interest is keen in the upcoming Solar Santa Monica event, Solar by the Numbers: 2008 Financing Options for Home Solar Systems, June 16. Consumers not only want to save money on their electricity bills but participate in the "green energy revolution" as well. The event picked up notice today by the Los Angeles Times' Emerald City blog, which posted, "Sunny money talk at solar power panel 6/16."

I spoke to solar power industry veteran, Mo Rousso, who will present on behalf of Helio Micro Utility, Inc. (Helio mU), the green power pioneer selling solar energy without the upfront cost of panels. I asked Mo what motivates him about the green energy industry.

From Mo Rousso:

“I did my first solar project in 1975 as an engineering undergrad and I saw how simple and powerful the technology was and how it had the potential to change people's lives. Ever since, I have been a proponent of renewable energy.

First and foremost, it enables freedom. People need to be educated to understand that they do have a choice from where they acquire their energy. Second, it helps their pocketbooks by allowing families to keep more of their hard earned income. Third, it helps the environment by offsetting greenhouse gases. When I first started in the energy business I was tasked with environmental monitoring at large scale power plants. It was amazing to see how much noxious gas and particulates were released into the air!

Finally, in today's competitive global economy, it creates domestic green collar jobs, both on the technical and the vocational sides -- with the potential to accelerate the economy beyond what the computer revolution did in the 80's and 90's. Ultimately, it boils down to my family and children and the type of legacy I want to leave behind. They are the reason I work long days and nights -- I worry for their future.”