For commercial facility operators, reducing the amount of electricity you use and managing how you use electricity isn’t the same thing, especially if you’re goal is to save money. What your utility charges you for electricity is a complex formula of how much electricity, the time of day it’s used, how much you’ve used during the month, how fast you used it (think demand charge) and a plethora of other user fees and charges. For example; a 20% reduction in energy usage may only produce a 7% reduction in cost, yet a slight shift in energy usage when all equipment is running could result in a 30-40% reduction in monthly costs even if the total energy used remains the same. The best way to reduce electrical energy costs is to understand how the utility charges you and engineer a strategy to manage your electrical usage in way that provides the greatest reduction in costs. This solution, by the way, is also the solution which makes it easier on your utility company and provides the most benefit to the environment.

Author: Michael Murray, Director, Helio Energy Management Solutions (Helio EMS)