From today’s Sacramento News & Review, reporter John Motsinger offers up an in-depth review of the upcoming November green energy proposition, “California ballot: Betting on Big Solar – Utilities and enviros team up against Proposition 7.”

We all get it. The glaciers are melting. The sea is rising. Natural disasters are becoming more frequent and more severe. And no matter how many bike miles we log or how many fluorescent light bulbs we buy, conservation alone may not avert the most disastrous consequences of climate change.

Harnessing the near limitless power of the sun, wind, water and earth could help. But how do we do it? Who is going to pay for the solar panels and wind turbines? And how fast does it have to happen?

…Even representatives of the renewable industry are concerned that the initiative won’t treat all technologies fairly. Sue Kateley, executive director of California’s Solar Energy Industries Association based in Rio Vista, said the new standards are biased towards large-scale energy plants instead of distributed, rooftop solar.