From Renewable Energy World this week, CALSEIA Executive Director, Sue Kateley, speaks out on finding a reputable solar panel system integration firm in her article, "Solar Works, Scam Artists Don't." Here's an excerpt:


Solar works. Solar products are available for your home or business that will produce electricity, heat water for your household uses and even heat your pool. There is no reason why any reputable company needs to oversell or hype the benefits of solar energy.

Many solar companies in California have been selling and installing solar systems for decades. Most companies started up their solar business in the last several years. Unfortunately, however, more recently the industry is experiencing something new: people who have created fancy websites and presentations and act like they will sell you a good product, when in fact they have little or no expertise. Customers should do their research to make sure that the solar company they are considering has a good reputation and sufficient experience.

In the last few months, there have been reports from several customers in California who gave very large deposits to a solar sales people but never received a solar system. These people lost their deposits and it is likely they will never get their money back. The California Solar Energy Industries Association (CALSEIA) is trying to help these unfortunate people but it also wants to make sure that there are no new victims.