In today’s news, Helio Energy Management Solutions, (HelioEMS), an energy services company, announced its Energy Efficiency contract with food ingredient manufacturer, Amoretti®, the Title Sponsor of the National as well as the World Pastry Team Championships since 2005.

To support Amoretti’s sustainable energy goals, the Energy Efficiency contract will implement lighting, HVAC and monitoring facility improvement measures based on the findings of an initial Energy Audit conducted by HelioEMS.  The company engineers and installs energy solutions designed to provide sustainable energy, improve facility efficiency and reduce energy costs.


“Amoretti manufacturers over 1800 ingredients for the food industry in one facility located in Oxnard, CA explained HelioEMS Managing Director, Thomas R. (TR) Bietsch.  “The Energy Audit we conducted revealed we could help them manage their energy usage more efficiently and reduce their overall energy consumption. The essential deliverables included using less energy, intelligently controlling the load and shedding load per the utility request in demand response. These objectives support both their company financial and environmental goals.”


The contract calls for the reduction of HVAC and refrigeration costs and related engineering including lighting improvements, monitoring and long term energy planning, aimed at reducing peak demand and developing a demand response strategy which will include load shifting and other strategies.


“Perfection is the mission we bring to our food ingredient preparation,” said Amoretti Chief Executive Officer, Jack Barsoumian.  “Working with the HelioEMS team, we are able to bring this same passion to our sustainable energy goals.”