James L. Price, retired Senior Master Sergeant, USAF, lives in Lompoc, CA.  In May he started his research on solar energy systems, envisioning a system to save him money on his household electricity bill.  His search brought him to the HelioPower team.

Initially he talked with Kyle Lynn, the company’s sales coordinator.  “Kyle, you were the first person I talked to that got me started on an exciting journey.  Thanks for taking the time to answer all my fact finding questions” said Mr. Price.

Kyle asked HelioPower energy consultant, Vanessa Wendling to work with James on his new system.  Mr. Price said, “Vanessa, thank you for being so patient with me.  I’ve lost count of how many times I called you at work and at home, late in the evening, not to mention the numerous times you called me keeping me well informed about what was going on.  I finally had the chance to meet you after (your) five hour drive to Lompoc for the on-site evaluation.  You had no fear when you climbed up onto my roof to take the necessary measurements.  After crunching all the numbers for the roof instsallation, the pole and ground mount systems and reviewing all the pertinent dates, I decided that the ground mount would be the best way to go.”

Next Vanessa worked with New Resource Bank to secure the financing for James’ system.  Rebates are a critical component to savings on a new solar power panel system.  On the HelioPower team, Jane Kamangar assisted James with his rebate paperwork.  He says, “Jane thanks for all the documents you sent to me and keeping me well informed on what was happening with the extremely important rebate program.”

Bert Paddie, project manager, moved the Mitsubishi 185 Photovoltaic ground mounted system forward with his design drawings and project implementation.  Bert kept the track record on this project going well with, as Mr. Price describes, “impressive paperwork and drawings.  When I submitted the plans to the city for review I was informed that it would take at least 2 weeks for approval.  The permit to install the system was issued to me in just one week.”

The project was now in the installation phase.  Tim Molek was the Lead Supervisor, working with technical assistants Tony Molek and Ryan Williamson.

Mr. Price describes the installation process:


On 5, 6 and 7th August 08, I had a ground-mounted Photovoltaic System installed in my back yard. 


After obtaining all the necessary materials and equipment, they (the crew) immediately went to work filling ten pre-dug holes with galvanized pipe and concrete.


The first thing I noticed was how well they worked together as a team.  The work was hard and dirty but the coordination of the crew was phenomenal.  They continued to work until the concrete was poured and the posts properly distanced and perfectly aligned according to the post detail specification drawing.


All went well the following day, with the installation of the solar modules, inverter, three electrical disconnect boxes, conduit and all the necessary wiring required for final inspection.


Thanks to everyone for a job well done. You’re the BEST!”


  1. Jerry Wright on September 30, 2008 at 10:16 pm

    I’m looking for detailed information on the ground mounting system used – was it uni-strut attached to galvanized, how were the panels attached? I’m doing a home project in Maui and have a fencing contractor buddy so am looking for some pertinent info. Any help??

  2. Maxime on October 28, 2008 at 2:52 am

    Thanks for writing this.