This in from writers Joshua Zumbrun and Brian Wingfield, in their piece Solar’s Convention In The Sun”:

Beneath the blazing August sun, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. took the stage in front of Coors Field’s outfield bleachers and said that importing energy “is the principal drag on American capitalism and American prosperity.”

The solution to the problem was literally beating down on him. At least that’s the message at solar energy’s keystone event at the Democratic National Convention. Kennedy, environmental lawyer and son of Robert F. Kennedy Sr., was the keynote speaker at the Solar Energy Industries Association’s SunFest 2008.

SEIA’s Wednesday afternoon event epitomized just how far and how fast the industry has come. In addition to Kennedy, several congressmen, including House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., spoke at the event.

“People have been saying solar is out in left field, and today we are out in left field of Coors Field,” said SEIA President Rhone Resch.

In Denver, at least, the solar industry is feeling loved, seizing on the twin issues of energy and the environment to boost its profile. “It’s great to be wanted at a convention,” Resch remarked. “By Tuesday, I’d lost my voice talking to people. It’s a fundamentally different convention than in the past.”

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Editor’s note:  Helio Energy Solutions‘s Steve LoRusso reported from the scene after his performance, “It was hot.  It was exciting and it was very gratifying to see the kind of support the industry garnered here today!”  See HelioBlog post dated August 22 for more info.