Fat Spaniel Technologies, the market leader in monitoring and reporting services for distributed energy systems and HelioEMS, Energy Management Solutions, recently announced a partnership to develop a Demand Side Monitoring Channel focusing on energy monitoring services.

“Since you can’t save what you don’t measure, monitoring the energy use of a building and selected systems within it, is the critical component to meeting energy efficiency goals.  Our breakthrough service is offered in partnership with Fat Spaniel to give building owners real-time actionable intelligence to understand energy use and proactively manage costs,” said TR Bietsch, Managing Director of HelioEMS.  “We are pleased to offer an intelligent energy decision service at a time when our country reaches for new and expanded goals in energy efficiency.  We are very  pleased to work with Fat Spaniel to bring real-time energy analysis and performance measurement to property owners and facility managers.” 

The technology gathers on-site energy information and delivers real-time energy  analysis via an online portal to make energy use decisions. The on-site set up, proprietary energy analysis and load management recommendations are provided by HelioEMS, Energy Management Solutions specialists.  The online technology delivery and portal user interface elements are powered by the industry leader, Fat Spaniel Technologies.

“Fat Spaniel has built a market-leading position based on our ability to deliver intelligent monitoring solutions to our renewable energy customers.  Ever-changing marketplace dynamics require methods to reduce installation costs for our customers,” said Chris Beekhuis, President and CTO of Fat Spaniel Technologies. “Combining the strengths of the two companies will aid that effort. Together with targeted industry leaders, we can meet our customers’ solution needs.”

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  1. Alex on August 13, 2009 at 12:09 pm

    We are helping find participants for an on-line survey of home energy monitors. There is a list of qualifying devices and you need to be using one of them.

    The study ends August 30 2009, is offering a $10.00 Starbucks card for completed surveys. We vouch for the fact that there is no “trickery” with this request.


    This is an important subject for we need changes to our attitude, we need to change how we use energy, and we need technology to assist us where it can help and is energy effective. If you are using a device to monitor your home energy please help with your feedback.