The New Solar Homes Partnership Program (NSHP) is part of the $3.3 billion California solar Initiative.  In the New

San Diego County Residential Solar Power installation by Helio Energy Solutions

San Diego County Residential Solar Power installation by Helio Energy Solutions

Solar Homes Partnership, a solar home is a highly energy efficient home that uses photovoltaic (or PV) modules to generate electricity from the sun. The program offers help financial incentives to make building new homes with solar easier and more cost effective than ever. Over the next 13 years this program will reward builders with $400 million in solar rebates.

Helio Energy Solutions’s energy consultant, Tyler Michael, has developed a specialty working to help homeowners take advantage of this program.  Working in the San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) utility territory, Tyler was recently quoted in the utility’s NSHP Program Fact Sheet.

Tyler works with homeowners and builders to meet the criteria of NSHP.  Tyler has also worked with many “fire survivors” in the San Diego area to help them navigate the program.

“This program requires extensive cooperation between the architect, the contractor, the homeowner, and Heliopower to qualify them for the rebate..  NSHP has a much higher rebate allowance per watt than the normal CSI program,” said Tyler.

It is very important to plan the solar power system at the beginning of home design so that all the requirements can be met for this program. Advance planning is critical to qualify without adding more cost in the future.  Upfront planning results in an energy efficient home in the future, which saves money every month on energy bills. “If you wait and install the solar power as a retrofit, you lose up to $1.00/watt in rebate. For an average home that would be about $5000,” said Tyler.