HelioPower and groSolar have been awarded the new San Diego 1BOG solar program, which kicks off this week.  The program brings homeowners together to secure group pricing for solar power installations.  1bog-box

From the 1BOG website:
We’re extremely happy to have partnered with both solar integrators, and they are working very closely on this program with each other to keep it simple and provide the same pricing and service to all 1bog participants. When we decided to chop up San Diego I anticipated a 4 hour conversation before we had an equitable split of territory, and it actually only took  30 seconds. groSolar said, “We’re thinking this, what do you think?” to which HelioPvower replied, “yup that works for us.” And since then they’ve been meeting regularly to discuss best practices for the program. (Dave Llorens, co founder)

From the groSolar RFP response: “From the panels to the smallest bits you’ll see us use the highest quality parts in the business. We build our systems to last, and back them with a full system 10 year warranty. Moreover, if your system goes down, we will fix it in one day or pay you for the lost power until we do get it fixed –this is our one day reliability guarantee and it is also good for 10 years. This guarantee is not just your standard manufacturer’s warranty, but is in fact our pledge that we will stand behind the return on investment promised in each of our proposals, and we will put it in writing and back it up with our pocket books.”

From the HelioPower RFP response: “HelioPower has installed systems in the San Diego area for almost a decade. We were founded in San Diego in 2001 and have a strong customer base and reputation for quality in the area. We actively participate in area events including Green Build San Diego, Western Days, the Avocado Festival, Temecula Balloon & Wine festival, as well as various Earth Day events. Tyler Michael, one of our local San Diego sales reps, is the trusted resource for CCSE when referring utility customers to an expert on the complex NSHP program. HelioPower is also proud of the fact that we’ve installed almost a dozen utility projects specifically for SDGE. We are very familiar with interconnection and permit requirements and have processed hundreds of solar rebates in San Diego.”

HelioPower will be working in the Northern San Diego area, with groSolar taking southern San Diego.  More information is available on 1BOG’s San Diego page.