Attention contractors and electricians!  You can learn the solar installation business by attending a HelioUniversity hands on training.  Learn how to plan, permit and install solar!



We are holding our monthly class for contractors, “Installing Solar Kits” Saturday May 16th.  This 1 day class will cover performing a pre-site, matching your customer to the correct size solar system, rebates, permits, and of course installation.



Topics Include Planning & Permit, Rebates & Installation. Please note tools are required. Our solar workshops take you through all the areas of providing solar power to a building. There’s much more to solar than just the installation procedures.  Enroll in one of our 1 day workshops and learn the ins and outs of successfully installing a solar power system.



The workshop is held in a solar power installation workshop at the Helio Energy Solutions facility in Murrieta. Click here for directions.



Registration for the full day workshop is $300.  To register email Jeff Van Dam at [email protected] or call him at 310 916 8383.  Click here for the registration form.


For more information on training and solar kits, please visit us online.