Tyler Michael is HelioPower’s resident expert for the application of solar in new home construction.  This week he is participating in the Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) Green Building Expo, a forum for sustainable smartgrowthbuilding technologies, in San Diego.  The Green Building Expo is part of the ULI’s Smart Growth awards program and will be staged May 14 starting at 5:30 in the venerable Wonderhaus downtown.

The ULI provides leadership in the responsible use of land, and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide. According to their website, as “the ‘go to’ land use organization for real estate issues in our region, the ULI San Diego/Tijuana District Council facilitates the open exchange of ideas among industry leaders, practitioners and policy makers.”

We asked Tyler about his interest in this region.

E. Tyler, are there special motivations that inspire you to be part of this San Diego Green Building Expo?
T. As a HelioPower specialist in solar for new construction, this event and the people and concepts that I encounter there are critical to my own growth and to my ability to contribute.

I believe that in San Diego/Tijuana we truly share a single urban landscape that is divided by a political line only.  We are in the same region with the same beauty and the same challenges.

We are interdependent in resources and in the conservation of those resources.  In my lifetime, I’ve seen Tijuana transform from just another “border town” to a thriving center of international commerce and I’ve seen San Diego transform from a quiet Navy town to a national force in research and technology. It seems only natural that we become an international leader in sustainability as well.

E. What in your background motivates your interest?
T. After moving to Chula Vista in 1952 and growing up within 7 miles of the Mexican border, I developed a real affinity for the bi-national mindset.

In my late teens, I became a true bi-lingual after studying Spanish for 8 years and hosting 26 Argentine foreign exchange students with others in my high school.

I’ve lived in Spain, Argentina, Ecuador, and nearly 14 years in Mexico. My time in Mexico and the lasting friendships I developed there have brought me a first hand awareness of the serious environmental sustainability practices being put into practice there.  My career in solar for new construction in San Diego has broadened my perspective on sustainability in general and in green building methods in particular.

E. Do you have a vision for the area?
T. The resources we share tie our destinies together. Recognition of those who have dedicated themselves to the careful preservation of those resources is both inspiring and necessary to bring forth the future leaders in this field who are poised to make their contribution.

For more information on the event, click here.