California Solar Initiative (CSI) rebate levels have now moved to Step 4 for residential solar electric systems in the Southern California Edison territory. The Step 4 rebate is $1.90 per AC watt.

New CSI applications will be processed at the $1.90 rate. As an example, a 4.2 kW AC system (4,200 watts) would now receive a maximum rebate of $7,980. (Rebates are diminished slightly if the solar array is shady or not aimed in the optimal direction.)

The Step 4 rebate level will last until the capacity goals are met, most likely sometime next year. It's always better to work with your solar contractor to get a rebate reservation in sooner rather than later. Reservations may last up to one year.

The 30% uncapped federal tax credit still applies to the balance of the system cost after rebate.

California Solar Initiative
Solar Santa Monica, June 2009 Newsletter

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  1. Taylen on June 17, 2009 at 10:35 am

    good good good!! keep the incentives coming