Up until a few years ago, Jamie Gwen of KFWB’s “Food and Wine with Chef Jamie Gwen” Show, lived in the San Fernando Valley. Her family went to Bob’s and her Mother says “I love Bobs!”chef-jamie-gwen

Since they have other business obligations next Thursday when we celebrate Bob’s Sixty and Solar party, Chef Jamie decided to cover the Bob’s story this Sunday in her radio program. “Food and Wine with Chef Jamie Gwen” is broadcast to 1.3 million people from the border at San Diego to the Santa Barbara mountains.

Her show airs Sundays from 8am to 10am on KFWB News Talk Radio 980.

The KFWB website is at www.KFWB.com and Chef Jamie’s website (which is beautiful for food fans) is at www.ChefJamie.com.

Please tune in and support Chef Jamie and Bob’s Big Boy!