by Scott Gordon
Vice President, Sales, Residential, HelioPower

Few SDG&E customers realize what happened today with the solar rebate, but it just dropped below 2MW. This means there is less than 2MW (1.96 to be exact) at the current $1.55/watt. In less than one month, the rebate will drop to $1.10/watt! I can hardly believe it since the last drop occurred at the end of June. This is one of the quickest rebate triggers I’ve experienced in my three years in the solar business. So what does the impending drop mean for you?

Let’s say that you’re thinking about buying a 6KW system for your home. At the current rebate tier, you’d receive somewhere around $9,300 in rebate money. That’s a nice chunk of change. How does this change at $1.10? The same system would only receive a $6,600 rebate. That’s a drop of $2,700!

So, if you’re serious about going solar it is in your interest to act quickly and reserve your rebate at the current tier. Once your rebate is reserved, you have one year to install your system. HelioPower can help you by providing a turnkey custom system and expedite your rebate paperwork, but you have to act fast.