If you received a letter and selection form recently mailed from Southern California Edison’s (SCE) to Net Energy Metered (NEM) customers, as required by AB 920, this information if for you.  On October 11, 2009, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Assembly Bill 920 (AB920 – Huffman – Solar and Wind Generation) into law.  This law addresses several aspects of renewable energy in California.  One provision of the law that directly affects SCE NEM customers is a requirement that SCE offer customers compensation for any net surplus electricity generated over a 12-month period.

AB 920 also requires that the California Public Utilities Commission set the compensation amount for surplus electricity by January 1, 2011.  The compensation amount will be used to pay eligible customers for net surplus electricity generated during their relevant period ending in 2011.  SCE will notify customers of the compensation amount as soon as it is established; then, they will have the option to either receive payment for their surplus electricity, or have the surplus electricity credited towards their electricity usage in their next relevant period.

Note that although SCE is automatically enrolling its NEM customers in the compensation option beginning with customer’s next relevant period, customers have the option to end their current relevant period now and start a new relevant period for tracking their surplus energy.  To do this, SCE customers are encouraged to fill out the form which was mailed to them in January and return it to notify SCE of their choice.

When available, the revised NEM tariff will be posted online at: www.sce.com/schedulenem.

SCE is available to assist with any questions regarding these new options. Please feel free to contact SCE Customer Service:

Residential NEM Customers
(866) 701-7868

Business NEM Customers
(866) 701-7869