By Derek Girling
Helio Energy Solutions Solar Energy Consultant

This Saturday, April 10th, Helio Energy Solutions has the privilege of exhibiting at the 1st annual San Bernardino County Earth Day Celebration at the Frontier Project in Rancho Cucamonga. You may not realize it but Rancho Cucamonga represents an ideal solar community on many different levels!

As they say in real estate, the three most important things are location, location, location. Rancho Cucamonga is located on the long, south-facing slopes of the San Gabriel Mountains assuring the vast majority of homes an unobstructed exposure to the sun, which is critical in terms of generating energy and capturing rebate dollars from Southern California Edison (SCE).

Another aspect of the city’s location is the climate. Residents are blessed with comfortable spring and fall seasons and rather mild winters but let’s be clear, summer days can get pretty hot in this territory! This means residents have to either bear the burden of some rather hefty electric bills from


running their AC or sweat it out. Big bills translate into big benefits from solar. Heliopower’s SunRun program enables homeowners to go solar with as little as $1,000. Relief from big electricity bills is only a phone call away.

One of the best characteristics of Rancho Cucamonga is the way the city has embraced green technologies and stewardship of the environment. This is evident at the incredible Frontier Project, a beautiful facility showcasing many of the most energy efficient design elements and technologies. The city’s forward thinking leadership has also extended to residents a $500 rebate on approved energy-efficiency purchases. This includes solar systems and brings the upfront cost of a Helio Energy Solutions SunRun system down to as little as $500!

If you’re at the Earthday Celebration this Saturday, please stop by the Helio Energy Solutions table to see how you can start taking advantage of Rancho Cucamonga’s most abundant resource – the sun!

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