HelioPower, a leading solar power design and installation firm since 2001, today announced it has been selected by One Block Off the Grid (1BOG), the nation’s largest solar group discount company, to offer homeowners an easy and affordable way to go solar in the Inland Empire (IE) and Orange county areas. The program ends September 14, 2010.

HelioPower’s “The Best Time to Go Solar Just Got Better!” campaign will offer homeowners throughout the IE and Orange County the opportunity to take advantage of 1BOG’s 15%* group discount on home solar panel installation. In addition to great solar power system pricing, HelioPower, a SunRun home solar financing partner, will be able to offer zero down financing to qualified buyers.

“We are thrilled to recognize HelioPower as 1BOG’s installer partner, to service 1BOG member homeowners in the Inland Empire and Orange County with top notch solar installations at a great, pre-negotiated price,” said Dave Llorens, CEO of 1BOG. “HelioPower has always been a fantastic partner to 1BOG and we selected them for the customer service, track record of successful installs and reliable warranties.”

Scott Gordon, HelioPower’s vice president of residential sales, commented on the campaign: “We are very pleased to be the partner selected for 1BOG’s Inland Empire and Orange County campaigns. This most recent selection validates HelioPower as a value driven solar integration company that provides high quality installations at affordable prices. We have already helped over 130 1BOG members go solar in previous campaigns and we look forward to helping 1BOG’s newest members realize their solar ambitions. When we combine 1BOG’s pre-negotiated pricing with SunRun financing, the best time to go solar just got better for those in the Inland Empire and Orange County.”

HelioPower and 1BOG will kick off the Inland Empire campaign with a solar education event, Wednesday, June 16th. The event will feature opening remarks from Renea Wickman, Democratic candidate for California Assembly District 63, in her first post-primary public appearance. The event will take place June 16th, 2010 at 6:30pm at The Frontier Project, a USGBC LEED certified green building in Rancho Cucamonga.

To sign up for the HelioPower events please visit here for solar event information. More information about solar in the Inland Empire can be found at the Solar Inland Empire 1BOG website. Homeowners in Orange County can find details about solar pricing, products and local events by visiting 1BOG’s Orange County solar specific information.

Scott Gordon at HelioPower Introduces 1BOG solar Inland Empire and solar Orange county programs