Powering 10,000 homes with solar roofs in the United States might sound

like a big challenge. You might, however, change your mind in light of the following statistics.  According to the U. S. Census Bureau figures, there were 69,865,957* homes in the year 2000 considered “detached, single family.”  As you ponder the miniscule percentage 10,000 of these homes represents, powering that many households with solar starts to sound like a modest goal.  Particularly when you consider  solar as an energy source currently accounts for less than 1% of our national electrical energy needs.**  

The 10,000 solar roofs challenge is a recently launched cause “seeking 10,000 homeowners across the nation who want to power their homes with clean, solar energy in 2010.“  From the cause page: Now more than ever is the time to embrace renewable energy as a cleaner and safer option to coal and oil. The Gulf oil spill and the coal mining accident are the most recent reminders of the risks involved with dirty fossil fuels. These disasters have hurt the environment, local economies, and taken human lives.

The campaign is supported by SunRun, the nation’s leading residential solar financing company and solar installation firms including HelioPower.

sunrun_100“SunRun is supporting 10,000 solar roofs because it’s so important for Americans to realize that they do have a choice about where their energy comes from,” said SunRun President, Lynn Jurich.   “Our society relies heavily on coal and oil, no question.  Individually, we can decide to power our homes with clean renewable energy.   Many homeowners today can switch to solar for no upfront cost and no hassle.  It’s hugely important for everyone to realize that this is one way that they can make a big difference. 10,000 solar roofs in 2010 would go a long way to reducing pollution and our dependence on dirty energy sources.” 

For more information about the solar roofs challenge and to support the cause see: https://www.causes.com/causes/484512


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** SEIA 2009 State of the Industry Report