Helio Energy Solutions Offers Upcoming Community Solar Events starting Tuesday, August 17

Are you curious if solar will help your family budget?  Maybe you've gone solar and would like your friends and family to enjoy the same benefits you are getting from solar? If yes is the answer for either question then we'd like to invite you to one of our upcoming solar community events.

Our solar community events are designed to be no-pressure, informational

The Needham's in Murrieta watch their meter spin backwards as solar by Helio Energy Solutions cuts their electric bill.

The Needham's in Murrieta watch their meter spin backwards as solar by Helio Energy Solutions cuts their electric bill.

style meetings.  They will give you, your friends and family members a chance to learn how solar works and if it can help you reduce or eliminate your electric bill.  As our utility bills continue to rise, freeing up the money spent on electricity can help your family's budget and return financial benefits for years to come.

Free community events will be conducted for solar information in San Diego, solar in Corona, solar in Redlands, solar in Valley Center and The Frontier Projects event for solar in Rancho Cucamonga. You can find out about the specific programs available in your region and if solar can assist you in reducing or eliminating your rising electric bill.

To reserve your seat at a solar community event near you click here or call us directly at 1 87-SOLAR-888.

One solar customer's story

From the Needhams’ in Murrieta, Helio Energy Solutions solar power customers since 2006: Over the past few years we have been seeing our energy bills rise as much as 30% annually with no end in sight. Having always had a passion for energy conservation, we thought it was time to take action. When we heard about the state solar rebate that covers one third of the cost, the $2,000 federal tax credit (is now 30% no cap), and the instant increase in our property value... we figured that even at our age it was worth the investment.

After researching solar providers, we found Helio Energy Solutions provided the best solar panels on the market and offered the lowest price. The installation was a treat for us. They were the most efficient and neatest installers we have ever seen in action. There was never any mess at the end of the day and it took a short 3 days to install. The panels blend nicely into our roof and if we did not brag about it so much, we doubt our neighbors would ever notice.

About six weeks later we received our rebate check from the state. Our panels were turned on April 19th, 2006 and we have not paid for electricity since. We LOVE to watch the meter run backward, especially with all the heat this past summer. We would recommend Helio Energy Solutions to anyone interested in Solar Power.

Bill and Peggy Needham

Solar Home in Murrieta, CA