Southern California Edison is installing smart meters in the Coachella Valley.  Smart grid, smart meters…what is their impact on your electricity bill?  Can solar help you offset rising electricity bills?  Is it cost effective to go solar now?  What do you need to know to go solar?   What can you do before you go solar to save money on your electric bills?

Energy efficiency in your home now, smart meters and their effect on your electric bill, the changing landscape of energy generation and distribution (smart grid)…these are the subjects we will cover in this free energy event by HelioPower at the Palm Desert facility, Tuesday, February 22 at 6pm.  Scott Gordon, vice president for HelioPower, will cover these questions and more in this free informational event.

HelioPower customer, David Beale, owner of All Seasons Air Conditioning in the Valley will also be on hand to talk about how homeowners can increase energy savings with A/C efficiencies.

Refreshments will be served. Register here for this free energy event in Palm Desert or call us at our toll free number 87 SOLAR 888 / 877 652 7888.