Findings based on price per watt and installation time among top companies in the state

MURRIETA, CA March 22, 2012 – HelioPower delivers the highest value in home solar in California, according to an independent consumer study of all major solar power installers in the state.

Figures released this month by PV Solar Report, a daily digest for California’s solar power industry, found HelioPower ranked highest in the state for offering the best value to its clients, with a price per watt at $5.55, compared to the state average of $7.82 per watt as of March 14, 2012.

Overall, HelioPower provides over twice the value of the worst-performing large installer’s rate of $12.57 per watt for that date, the study reported.

Price-per-watt value measuring is important in ensuring a consumer gets a fair deal. Prices quoted March 14 by PV Solar Report indicate the cost for an average 5 kilowatt home solar system at between $27,750 for HelioPower (at $5.55 per watt) and $62,850 for the highest-priced competitor (at $12.57).

That’s a difference of $35,100 saved on an average-sized solar power system by choosing HelioPower: a value leader in the industry.

PV Solar has also found HelioPower to be among the quickest in terms of getting the job done.

“Our data shows HelioPower consistently delivers one of the lowest prices per watt of the state’s solar installation firms and one of the shortest installation times,” said Stephen Torres, founder and managing director of PV Solar Report.

“Comparing the price per watt is one of the most effective ways of determining the efficiency and return on investment of any home solar installation,” said HelioPower’s Scott Gordon, senior vice president of sales. Because of the wide disparity in pricing cited by PV Solar Report, he urged every consumer to shop around before they buy.

“Real value is about getting the lowest price per watt for the highest quality system installed as quickly as possible,” Gordon said. “Anyone who is serious about going solar will use these criteria to save thousands of dollars on a solar purchase or lease and enjoy a faster ROI.” Once you’ve narrowed your list of contenders using this approach, Gordon recommends taking a little extra time to look them up on the Better Business Bureau, CSLB, and on consumer rating sites like Yelp. “This extra homework helps to ensure you won’t be sacrificing quality for the price.”

About HelioPower
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