Murrieta is one of the most “solar friendly” cities in southern California.  Not only is the weather ideal for solar electricity generation, but the city officials have worked hard to create an atmosphere conducive to solar installations.

On Wednesday, March 30 at 6pm HelioPower will host an open house at the company’s headquarters located at 25767 Jefferson in Murrieta.  Residents will be able to tour the solar installation facility and get a status from city officials.  Brian Ambrose, Senior Management Analyst for the City of Murrieta will be on hand to provide an update on the city’s solar friendly initiatives including the popular $1,000 solar rebate.  The program will also feature Scott Gordon, Vice President of Residential Sales and a popular speaker on solar, smart grid and smart meter related subjects.

Murrieta city officials report that the rebates for solar in their city are being claimed more quickly than they had anticipated.  As of March 14, the city has processed the 45th $1,000 rebate (out of a total allocated of 72).  So there are a total of 27 rebates remaining, although there are about 10 in the process of permitting, construction or final inspection stages.

In April 2010, the City of Murrieta began the Solar Rebate Program to incentivize residents to purchase a solar power system.  The rebate is open to purchased solar electricity systems on homes, not PPA’s or leases.  The City made available seventy-two $1,000 rebates with the expectation that it would take a minimum of 2 years until the rebates were fully paid out (based on past history).  However, as of March 14, there are only 27 remaining rebates.

On the business front, Murrieta is a solar installation company friendly city.  Officials understand that the permitting process costs solar installation firms added time and staff expense.  In an effort to save solar installation companies time (and therefore money!!), the City of Murrieta has recently implemented a more efficient permitting process for solar installations.  Instead of driving down to City Hall and waiting in line to submit permit paperwork, the city has adopted a scan and email submission system for solar permits.

Finally, Murrieta city officials have been very involved in the Western Riverside County Energy and Water Efficiency Conservation Program.  Last year the City of Murrieta and other area cities joined with the Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG) to implement a PACE/AB 811 program.  Everything was going smoothly until Fannie Mae sent out a directive to mortgage companies to not honor PACE loans (not take a subordinate position).  The city reports they have worked through the details and are ready to move forward with the program.  Brian Ambrose will give a brief update on this program.

For information on the HelioPower open house please call 1 87 SOLAR 888 or save a seat by reserving it here online for the free Murrieta solar event.