Industry veteran, Mo Rousso, will discuss the 2011 opportunity window for water districts to go solar at upcoming May 18 event by Helio Energy Solutions

An unprecedented alignment of financial benefits exists now for water districts to significantly cut energy costs through large scale solar energy development.

Projects up to 1 megawatt (MW) can be developed now with little or no money out of pocket for your water district.  However the fuse is short!   On 12.31.11 this window closes.

Industry veteran, Mo Rousso, will address water district management at an upcoming “Lunch and Learn” at the Bakersfield Marriott Hotel, May 18 at noon, hosted by Helio Energy Solutions, a leading California solar development firm.

“Water districts and agencies have a tough job.  Their directors and constituents mandate cost containment and rate caps, while requiring service levels to remain high,” said Mo Rousso, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Helio Energy Solutions.  “Energy has always been a significant operating cost water companies struggle to manage, especially as the electric utilities raise rates each year.”

Mr. Rousso, a renewable energy veteran and engineer with more than 20 years of experience helping utilities and water districts make their

Mo Rousso, (right) Founder and Chief Technology Officer for Helio Energy Solutions and team onsite at Fallbrook Public Utility.

Mo Rousso, (right) Founder and Chief Technology Officer for Helio Energy Solutions and team onsite at Fallbrook Public Utility.

organizations more cost efficient while preserving service levels, will be the featured speaker at the May 18th “Water Districts & Solar” event.

His expertise will assist water district management to understand how easily renewable energy can be integrated into their operations and how they can leverage solar to cut one of their largest operating costs, energy.

Mo’s presentation is designed to help attendees understand the current financial and regulatory environment and how they can leverage this soon-to-expire opportunity.

“Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate energy costs and increases and keep more money in the your (water districts”) annual operating budgets,” Rousso continued.  “Affordably generating some or all of your own energy in a low risk and reliable manner is available to you.  I welcome you to join me for lunch as we begin to discuss your options.”

Helio Energy Solutions financing gives empowers water districts to leverage two key financial incentives they would not normally be able to exercise to offset the cost of solar:

  • The Federal ITC 1603 Treasury Grant in Lieu 30% offset which expires 12.31.11.
  • MACRS (Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System) 5 year, 85% depreciation schedule for solar.

Large scale solar installations can now offset electricity bills for dispersed meters.  CA AB 2466 allows water districts to develop up to 1 MW of solar power and offset multiple location meter bills through virtual net metering.

For more information about the event go to the Helio Energy Solutions “Water Districts & Solar” event page.