Murrieta, a solar friendly California city, has added more incentives for resident homeowners.  This month the city passed the Home

Improvement Incentive Project to “promote home improvement projects for its residents and encourage job creation and local shopping for home improvement supplies and materials.”  The project also benefits energy efficiency upgrades including solar.

The permit and inspection fees for applicable projects with the completed permit fees submitted during  July 5 to July 13th period will be refunded to the applicant following the completion of the work.  City officials said this week that the average savings will be up to $250.  The program applies to Murrieta residents working with Murrieta located businesses.

To support the Murrieta Home Improvement Incentive Project, HelioPower, a Murrieta based solar installation firm, will extend its $500 cash back offer to Murrieta homeowners who go solar on or before July 13, 2011.  The HelioPower $500 cash back offer is due to close on June 21, 2011. Local retailers including Home Depot and Lowe’s will be offering discounts to residents during the Home Incentive week.

The HelioPower extended $500 cash back solar offer is designed to cover the estimated $250 permit fee rebate from the city.  HelioPower cannot guarantee that project construction plans would be completed in time to meet the city’s window of July 5th to July 13th for permit applications.  Thus the company will extend this cash back offer to cover the cost of the permit.

City officials also offer a $1000 solar rebate, of which approximately 45 remain for residential solar installations, as of this post date.

Murrieta residents who are interested in the program and want to get a list of participating local businesses can see city officials at the upcoming 20th anniversary Birthday Bash to be held Saturday, June 25th at California Oaks Sports Park or call City Building Officials at 951.461.6051.

For more information about the HelioPower program in the city of Murrieta visit us at or call 877 SOLAR 888.