Despite the chill, rainy winds of an economic recession and slow recovery, Murrieta-based solar installer Helio Energy Solutions basked in sunny success over the last four years, company officials said.

The privately owned company separated itself from its competition by creating solar panel “kits” to streamline its installation process, and by diversifying beyond just installing solar panels into energy efficiency and other forms of alternative energy.

Though solar subsidies have been falling throughout the company’s existence, it has managed to grow because of these initiatives, quadrupling its revenue from 2007 through 2010, and more than doubling its staff to 74 employees in that time, company officials said. Changes in how residential customers finance solar panels promise to keep the company growing into the future.

“I think there’s two things that I would focus you on,” said company executive chairman Ian Rogoff. “We talk to customers about how to bring down their cost of energy, and we’ve made some changes on the supply end.”

January 23, 2011