Unfortunate Solar Installation of the Month

Adventures in poor design. On the rooftop of a congresswoman’s office.


The vast majority of solar installers are hard-working, honest, green-hearted individuals who want to spread the good word of solar power. We feature their fine work every week in Greentech Media’s solar coverage.

But sometimes a customer wants a solar system and good design practice or careful site selection takes a backseat and we end up with a design like the following example.

A few years ago, Anna Eshoo, a high-powered Congressperson in California’s 14th district, unveiled the very first congressional office in the nation to go maximum green. Eshoo’s office installed a 1.6 kilowatt photovoltaic system and 100 percent of the electricity used by the office is obtained from renewable sources. The office has made profound green modifications to its lighting, water, heating, cooling, materials, waste stream and the transit habits of its employees.

…The quality energy solutions providers at Heliopower have devoted a section of their website to “Ugly Solar.” Here’s an example of another highly-shaded poorly-designed rooftop. And here’s the link to the pdf.

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August 24, 2011