SunRun Uncovers California’s Highest Electric Bills – Over $2400 of Financial Pain

An Oroville family growing food for veterans’ shelters will receive free solar power for 20 years from SunRun after presenting the largest electric bill in California. The family submitted a June electric bill for over $2400 to SunRun’s Battle of the Bill’s contest.

Family members David Sato and his father and sister were delighted to learn they can take charge of their electricity costs and save money while switching to clean solar power from dirty power sources like coal. SunRun partner Helio Energy Solutions will perform the Sato’s installation.

“When we moved to California we bought 13 acres so we could have a more self-dependent and local lifestyle,” said homeowner David Sato. “We have big gardens, we’re building an orchard so we can grow our own produce, and we want to support our needs with renewable energy as much as possible. We’re hoping to grow enough to be able to donate a large portion of the food to the local veterans’ shelter.”

Despite the Sato’s best efforts to make their home as energy efficient as possible – for example, energy-efficient light bulbs, double-pane windows, new insulation – they struggle to keep electricity costs down. The Sato’s noted that increasing rates and volatility with the local electric company are constant financial challenges.

“We’re so excited to have SunRun,” said Sato. “Even if we didn’t win the contest we’d switch to SunRun because you can go solar without paying thousands of dollars out-of-pocket. The fact that this company lets you lock in low rates for clean energy is a huge draw. The first thing we want to do with our savings is invest in more solar!”

“We offered this contest to help educate more homeowners that solar can be a low-cost, smart investment, and that it’s a great way to take control of your energy costs,” said SunRun President and Co-founder Lynn Jurich. “We’re looking forward to helping another home make the switch affordably.”

“We were overwhelmed by the number of entries we received, and by the fact that so many people didn’t realize solar is an option for them,” added Jurich. “Even families with bills as low as $100 can save money with clean solar energy.”

SunRun is the nation’s leading home solar company and owns, installs, and maintains home solar panels so families don’t have to pay $30,000 or more for them. Homeowners lock in low solar electricity rates for 20 years, protected from unpredictable utility rate increases. The company installs more than $1 million in solar every day. Details on Battle of the Bills can be found at:

Source:  SunRun