Smart Meters can either work for you—or against you. Tens of millions of smart meters are being installed globally. In California alone 13 million homeowners will have a smart meter by the end of 2012. It will monitor your energy use, tying you into a smart grid world.

If you have a monthly electric bill of $100 or more you need to know about smart meters, and how to make sure they don’t hurt you. Specifically, how they can negatively impact your bank account, your lifestyle and your privacy.

You have the opportunity to make the “smart meter” reality help you.

With solar, you can make the smart meter work for you—instead of against you. The smart meter can provide you with energy information. By adding solar, you can turn this information to your benefit. You can save energy and money. You can ensure your family’s privacy and security.

Come to the Smart Meters and Solar neighborhood meetup in your town to get all your questions answered, check out your energy options and see how much money you can truly save.

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