Smart meters are here…whether we want them or not. The installation of millions of smart meters by utilities worldwide, including San Diego Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas & Electric here in California, have also brought concerns, questions, fears and curiosity.

There are concerns about “Big Brother” watching, paying more for our energy because the smart meters record every 15 minutes of energy usage and even fears that the mechanisms give off dangerous emissions.

In an effort to answer questions about smart meters, HelioPower, a solar company in California, is hosting a series of neighborhood meetings from North County San Diego to Marin County in the Bay Area.

In addition to answering everyone’s questions and quelling residents’ fears, the meetings are helping turn what some perceive as “lemons into lemonade” by empowering homeowners with reliable information about their energy options. These options include showing homeowners how they can save energy, and therefore money on their energy bills, by investing in solar solutions and implementing energy saving programs at home.
The discussion includes an explanation of acquiring solar energy systems for initial cash out of pocket in addition to details on how to cash in on available rebates.

The first smart meters and solar neighborhood meeting was held Saturday, September 24th in Murrieta, CA and was a

Smart meter event in Murrieta, CA featuring Scott Gordon of HelioPower

Smart meter event in Murrieta, CA featuring Scott Gordon of HelioPower

rousing success. Interested  homeowners took advantage of their opportunity to get answers to their questions about smart meters and their specific energy saving options as presented by Scott Gordon of HelioPower.

“I feel much better about smart meters now that I’ve heard the entire story. Plus, I found out a lot about solar that I didn’t realize. The whole solar for no money down is very appealing–especially in this economy,” stated attendee Desiree Hansen who came to Murrieta from her home in Escondido.

“It was certainly worth my time,” Mrs. Hansen concluded.

More information about upcoming smart meter meetings and webcasts can be found at