For every new residential solar installation contract through Jan. 31, HelioPower will donate to Power to the People, a nonprofit bringing solar lighting to Nicaragua.

A Murrieta-based solar power company is teaming up with a nonprofit to bring solar power to those without lights in Nicaragua.

There are a number of moving parts, according to Glenna Wiseman, vice president of marketing for HelioPower.This week, HelioPower and Power to the People launched “Help for the Holidays,” a joint campaign to help households in California and Nicaragua secure affordable solar energy.

“We want to help homeowners in California go solar with no installation cost and $500 cash back. They can also enter a $150 gift card giveaway,” Wiseman said. “And we want to help families in Nicaragua have lighting through an established nonprofit.”

The cash-back program and gift-card giveaway are being sponsored by Canadian Solar Inc., the panel manufacturer for HelioPower.

“We are very happy to sponsor a worthy program with industry-leading partners to bring clean energy to people around the world,” said Alan King, general manager of Canadian Solar USA, in a news release.

“Helping California consumers save money during the holiday season while also providing an important daily resource to people who otherwise might not have it is an ideal example of the power and reach of solar energy,” King said.

For every home solar system installed through the campaign, which ends Jan. 31, 2012, HelioPower will donate to Power to the People’s Solar Lighting program, Wiseman said.

“So many people around the world have no lights to see by at night,” said Jenean Smith, executive director, Power to the People, and marketing director for Trojan Battery, in a news release.

“We’re excited to work with HelioPower as we launch our Solar Lighting program in order to bring affordable solar lights to families in Nicaragua this winter,” Smith said.

“It is difficult for us to imagine living without electricity when so much of our daily lives depend on it. Yet people in other parts of the world live without this resource.”

HelioPower selected the $150 gift card amount because that is how much the average homeowner pays each month for electricity, Wiseman said, adding that anyone–even those who don’t have a home–can enter to win.

The gift-card giveaway contest ends Dec. 21 and 10 winners will be announced Dec. 22.

“…We are very pleased that the campaign empowers California homeowners to assist families in Nicaragua in lighting their homes affordably as well,” said Scott Gordon, vice president of residential sales for HelioPower.