Earth Techling
by Angeli Duffin, December 15th, 2011

In a new take on sustainable gifting, HelioPowerPower to the People and Canadian Solar announced their collaborative program, Help for the Holidays. Sponsored by Canadian Solar, the program offers California homeowners who install a home solar system free installation, $500 cash back and HelioPower’s commitment to donate to Power the People’s Solar Lighting Program.

While solar installations already benefit homeowners’ pocketbooks and environmental footprint, the Help for the Holidays program adds one more dimension through collaboration with Power to the People, a nonprofit dedicated to bringing renewable energy to communities in developing countries.


image via Shutterstock

The Solar Lighting Program aims to provide affordable solar lighting and solar cell phone chargers to families in rural Nicaragua. According to the program’s Web page, “solar lights significantly decrease household spending on burnable energy sources.” In addition, “The money families save over time can buy other well-needed items like food, school uniforms and medicine.  Solar lights also reduce the risk of injury, respiratory illness, and time spent gathering and using wood, kerosene and candles.”

“So many people around the world have no lights to see by at night. We’re excited to work with HelioPower as we launch our Solar Lighting program in order to bring affordable solar lights to families in Nicaragua this winter,” said Jenean Smith, executive director of Power to the People. “It is difficult for us to imagine living without electricity when so much of our daily lives depend on it. Yet people in other parts of the world live without this resource.”

December 15, 2011