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By Andrew Krulewitz,  January 27, 2012

In 2010, the market value of all residential solar installed in the U.S. was just shy of $1.8 billion. Once tallied, the 2011 dollar amount will be substantially larger. According to data collected by GTM Research, there are well over 2,000 experienced residential installers fighting for a piece of this $2-billion-plus pie. This highlights the question, who gets the biggest slice? With the explosion of third-party owned in many of the larger state markets, the results are actually quite unsurprising.

Throughout the first three quarters of 2011, SolarCity reigned supreme with an immense 14% of national market share. This is 8% higher than its next closest competitor, Real Goods Solar.

In third place, representing the East Coast, is Trinity Heating and Air. Far and away the largest residential installer in New Jersey with over 35% market share in the first three quarters of 2011, this SunRun installer also offers its services in MD, DE and CT.

Slotting into fourth, and the only company to have bested SolarCity with regard to installed capacity in any quarter, is REC Solar. Rounding out the top five is PetersenDean, a long-established roofing company. Close on its heels in sixth place is Verengo SolarPlus, a relative newcomer with impressive growth in the past two years.

Ranking after these companies are a slew of well-known residential installers: Helio Energy Solutions, Sungevity, Mercury Solar Systems, and others.


January 27, 2012