The Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG) has launched the nation’s largest program to finance energy and water conservation improvements.

WRCOG Executive Director, Rick Bishop, explains the benefits of the program at a recent event sponsored by HelioPower and Structured Finance in Murrieta.  Here are excerpts from his comments:

“…even with the economic slowdown, western Riverside is still one of the two or three fastest growing areas in the United States.  So we know that perhaps the best way for us to fuel our future economy as we accommodate another 800,000 people that will be living here in the next twenty to twenty five years, is to save energy we already have and not have to rely on new generation and transmission facilities.

So we are particularly pleased that Structured Finance is putting on today’s workshop, recognizing that there are significant opportunities for large scale commercial solar facilities here in western Riverside County to lead the way and becoming as energy efficient as they can and setting the bar for the rest of the nation to follow.

There is extreme and extraordinary energy savings that come from this.  We think it is also very good for their bottom line as well.  We think that their net costs will be zero, in fact, it will probably be a benefit to them to install these kinds of facilities and in solar and on their commercial buildings.  And so we’re real excited about the commercial solar side of this program.  I would encourage you, if you’re interested in the entire program, all of the different components, the residential and commercial components, to visit the website.  The landing page website is

We expect that with a $325,000,000 investment coming from outside sources into western Riverside County, this will create more than 4,000 construction related jobs, which is something that is very, very needed in this economic downturn, particularly as it relates to the downturn in construction related jobs.  So this is a great pick up for western Riverside County.  And again, more importantly, I think it sets this sub region apart from the rest of the nation as far as energy and water efficiency is concerned.”

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