Predicting Solar Power via Satellite and Software

GreenTech Media

Jeff St. John: May 15, 2012

Solar panels make fickle utility partners, with intermittent power output that sags and surges with every passing cloud, and all of it happening out of sight of utility grid monitoring systems. As utilities see more and more solar coming onto their grids, they’re going to need some pretty sophisticated modeling and forecasting tools to keep it from getting out of control.

Tools like these (solar energy prediction) will be important for utilities that lack insight into the growing share of distributed solar power coming onto their grids, and Clean Power Research is far from the only company trying to provide them. Utility-scale solar projects are instrumented in much the same way that power plants are, and solar installers such as SunEdison, SolarCity and Helio Energy Solutions do their own monitoring and predictive analysis.

May 15, 2012