Popular Helio Energy Solutions ‘Solar Overload’ Video Tracks Just How Many Appliances it Takes to Spin a Residential Power Meter Forward with a Typically Sized Solar Power System

With another summer upon us and residential electric bills about to increase, we are revisiting our popular “Solar Overload” a first-of-its-kind video demonstrating how many appliances it takes to overload solar that is installed on a home.

“Solar Overload, How Many Appliances Does It Take to Spin the Meter Forward?” features a 4 kilowatt (kW) residential solar power system in Laguna Niguel, CA. The system was installed in 2006 on the home of Scott Gordon, now the vice president of residential sales for Helio Energy Solutions. Scott and team member, Bret Pursuit, demonstrate how many appliances it takes in Scott’s 2200 square foot home to incur a utility charge, or “spin the meter” forward.

“As a leading solar installation firm in California, Helio Energy Solutions is committed to educating consumers on the benefits of solar,” said Scott Gordon, Vice President, Residential Sales, Helio Energy Solutions, Inc. “In ‘Solar Overload’ I’m able to show just how many appliances it takes to activate a utility cost from my residential solar power system. Over the five years (as of August 2011) I’ve had the solar panel system my family has saved $10,000 in utility bills. We are able to demonstrate how that happens when you see the many appliances it takes to spin the meter forward.”

During filming, Scott turned on two refrigerators, two DVRs, one laptop and 21” monitor, one cell phone charger, 56 light bulbs, one attic fan and five ceiling fans set on high. The solar power system still generated enough power to keep the meter running backwards. Find out what happens when he turns on a microwave, electric clothes dryer, energy efficient washing machine and a pool pump!