Watch the solar time lapse installation of Supervisor Jeff Stone’s photovoltaic system on his home in Temecula, CA, by Helio Energy Solutions, California’s value leader in home solar.  The time lapse video captures the installation of his 14 kilowatt (kW) solar system on a clay roof using 56 Canadian Solar 250 solar panels and two SMA inverters.  The installation was financed by the WRCOG HERO program.

Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone converted his Temecula home to solar under the nation’s largest renewable energy campaign taking place in western Riverside County.

The Western Riverside County of Governments (WRCOG) has established the HERO (Home Energy Renovation Opportunity) program to help homeowners pay for a solar power system (and other home improvement products) with low-interest financing, no money down, and payments tied to the home’s property tax, which means they don’t have to continue paying if they end up selling their home. The program is available to homeowners in 17 cities and the unincorporated areas of western Riverside County.

“I’ve been working very closely with WRCOG since the program was beginning to come to fruition,” said Supervisor Stone at a February 2012 event on the program.  “We talked about the idea of financing solar projects and water efficiency projects through property taxes.  I thought what a great program to offer our constituents in the area.’

He explained, “People can, in fact, pay for this infrastructure through their property taxes.  And there are really significant advantages for our private property owner or a business to enroll in a program like this.”

“I have found that through the WRCOG program, that the process is really simple.  We have, locally here, a company called Helio Energy Solutions.  I am very pleased to say that I’ve had friends that have utilized them and been very happy with their service.  They came out, gave me a bid, there was no pressure.  I had the opportunity to go out and get other bids.  It was probably a very wise thing to do for people.  But what I liked about Helio Energy Solutions was that they were very conscious of the type of roof that we have.  We have a tile roof.  And many companies would just go out, throw the panels on top of the roof, and you have to deal with tiles cracking and leaks in your homes.  Well what they do, they come out, Helio Energy Solutions, and they strip your tiles off your roof.  They treat your roof then, as if it were your existing roof.  Then they put the panels on, and then they around the perimeter put the tiles back up so it looks like a solar skylight.  So it doesn’t look like it is an afterthought on your house.  They did it in an area where most people won’t even see the power.

And our goal was, in our household, to zero out our energy consumption that can sometimes vary between $700 and $1100 a month.  So it was a great experience.”

Special music credit to Ken Conway of the HERO Financing Program!