HelioPower Proud to be Acknowledged as ‘Good Guy’

In a recent article that exposes potential abuse of the Solar Investment Tax Credit by certain solar companies, HelioPower scores points for offering customers the same deal whether they pay cash or lease a solar system (see chart below). At issue is the practice of certain solar companies to charge a significant premium for leased systems in order to pocket unfairly large tax benefits.

The practice of inflating solar system costs with the intention of bilking taxpayers is abhorrent. With all of the negative publicity surrounding Solyndra, the solar industry can ill afford such practices and the media coverage that follows. Many thanks to Jim Jenal of Solar Feeds for being ever vigilant with regards to solar pricing practices and to John Farrell of Institute for Local Self-Reliance for authoring this excellent piece. HelioPower does not condone these practices and is committed to giving customers the same deal whether they pay cash or do a solar lease or ppa.

3-large-treasury-dept-fingers-solarcity-in-exploration-of-the-dark-underbelly-of-solar-leasingA link to Mr. Farrell’s article can be found here:

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