Most solar panel manufacturers have the same equipment

most solar panel manufacturers sell the same panels

Yes, it’s true. With a few notable exceptions (like SunPower and Sanyo) most silicon wafer-based solar panels are essentially identical. They are all roughly 15% efficient and made roughly the same way. What matters now is not the panel, but solar panel manufacturers.

Is the solar panel manufacturer bankable?

In other words, will the maker of your panels be around for 25 years to honor their warranty?

This is a major concern to solar leasing companies as they will be on the hook for any warranties should the solar panel manufacturer go belly up. Thus, many of these companies restrict solar integrators from selling panels that don’t conform to the leasing company’s bankability assessments.

Of course, bankability alone doesn’t guarantee the solar panel manufacturer will be around for the next 25 years. But so many solar panel manufacturers today are selling their products below the cost to make them in the first place that their long term survival is highly unlikely.

Just like in the early days of the automotive industry when hundreds of car companies competed just in America, "Only The ‘Big Three’ survive today."

Over the next couple of days, I am going to write more about specific insider tips that are guaranteed to give you an edge in the solar purchasing world.  Thus, giving you control of the sales process and not at the mercy of the salesperson!

P.S. - Be sure to keep an eye out for the next insider secret! I will tell you about the two technologies that often get upsold to many unsuspecting solar clients that are entirely useless for 80% of them and only serves to add more failure points to their system with no real benefits. 

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