Join HelioPower’s Hollie Valtierra and other industry leaders Tuesday June 16th at 10:00 AM PST for the National Solar Permitting Database webinar hosted by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA):

Delays in obtaining permit approvals are the #1 reason many solar installers fail to meet promised construction timelines.  Fortunately, Hollie Valtierra, Engineering Manager for Residential Project at HelioPower, has overseen the permitting of hundreds of solar projects through building departments across California in the last two years. Through that experience, she has become a recognized expert in how to design systems correctly so that they are approved for permitting quickly and efficiently.

Over the last year HelioPower has been working with the US Department of Energy, Clean Power Finance and other solar companies to improve Solar Permitting across the country. With Ms. Valtierra’s help the National Solar Permitting Database ( has become the hub for information about local solar permitting fees, turn-around times, inspection processes, and even common errors made by local building departments.

Join SEIA and HelioPower on Tuesday June 16th to learn more about:

  • new features that will enable to installers to receive updates on permitting and inspection changes and avoid costly errors and rework;
  • how to use the database to reduce cost associated maintaining and complying with various permitting requirements; and
  • how to integrate the tool with daily operations.

The overall goal of the permitting database is to bring down the costs of permitting for solar photovoltaics and remove inefficiencies in the system through transparency and public feedback. Today over 18,000 cities and counties in the US are being tracked in a country-wide effort to make solar more feasible for every American.

This Tuesday’s webinar is perfect for residential solar installers, authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), and solar industry stakeholders looking to reform policies at state and local levels.

Speakers for the webinar include:

  • Hollie Valtierra, Manager, Residential Engineering, HelioPower
  • Sean Milich, Product Manager, Clean Power Finance

Joins us to learn how is providing tools to reform permitting nationwide: