Are PG&E rates putting your business at a competitive disadvantage?

If so there’s a good chance you may find relief in a new program intended to attract and retain jobs.  In the coming months PG&E is expected to implement an “Economic Development Rate” (EDR), which will offer targeted rate reductions of 12% – 30%.


If area unemployment exceeds 11% your facility may be eligible for a 30% PG&E rate discount
The potential benefits are greatest for businesses located in areas with high unemployment:

  • 12% rate reduction over 5 years  for eligible commercial businesses
  • 30% rate reduction over 5 years for areas with unemployment rates at least 25% higher than the state average.

If your eligible facility is located in California’s Central Valley, there’s a good chance you may be eligible for the higher 30% rate reduction.  Food processors and manufacturers are particularly well positioned to benefit from this Economic Development Rate.


Energy intensive businesses considering expansion or relocation to California may capture these reduced rates; and even existing businesses facilities can qualify.  Eligibility requirements include:

  • Your peak power load must exceed 200 kilowatts
  • You must sign an affidavit that avows you need the discounted rate to stay, expand existing facilities or relocate to California


PG&E will file Economic Development Rate details with the CPUC soon and will post information here.  Find PG&E’s October 3 Economic Development Rate news release here.   Finally, PG&E has produced a solid video profiling the Economic Development Rate and featuring Fresno’s Busseto Foods… click here.   Or just give me a call.