Mark J. Ferron announced that he will be stepping down from his role as a Commissioner at the California CPUC for personal health reasons.   His thoughtful and candid final statement is worthy reading for those concerned with California’s energy future.   I’ve extracted below the two excerpts best related to this blog, Solar and Net Metering:

Support Solar 

 “We are fortunate to have utilities in California that are orders of magnitude more  enlightened than their brethren in the coal-loving states, although I suspect that they would  still dearly like to strangle rooftop solar if they could. Modern utilities are subject to a rapidly evolving business environment, and I wonder whether some top managers at our utilities have the ability or the will to understand and control the far-flung and complex organizations they oversee. And I am very worried about our utilities’ commitment to their side of the regulatory compact. We at the Commission need to watch our utilities’ management and their legal and compliance advisors very, very carefully: it is clear to me that the legalistic, confrontational approach to regulation is alive and well. Their strategy is often: “we will give the Commission only what they explicitly order us to give them”. This is cat and mouse, not partnership, so we have to be one smart and aggressive cat.”

Net Metering Vigilance

“Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, with the passage of AB327, the thorny issue of Net Energy Metering and rate design has been given over to the CPUC.  But recognize that this is a poisoned chalice: the Commission will come under intense pressure to use this authority to protect the interest of the utilities over those of consumers and potential self-generators, all in the name of addressing exaggerated concerns about grid stability, cost and fairness. You – my fellow Commissioners – all must be bold and forthright in defending and strengthening our state’s commitment to clean and distributed energy generation.“


Thank you Commissioner Ferron for supporting California’s sustainable future.